Growing into Me with Bipolar

This is the definition of stigma.  Stigma of seeing people mourning.  Of seeing people with developmental delays.  Of seeing people with physical injuries or illnesses.  Of seeing people with visible signs of mental illnesses.  Of seeing those shorter or those taller, or those with different colors, different languages, different clothes.  We all know about it.  We all know that ‘Difference’ is out there.  And many of us (no, not all…especially not those of us who ARE different somehow), are uncomfortable with that knowledge.  Many of us remain uncomfortable even with lots of education about stigma, despite knowing, can’t seem to stop thinking that any difference is crazy, scary, inexplicable and definitely NOT normal.  Seeing those with any difference only seems to make this majority group angry and heartlessly cruel.  And this stigma breeds.  These ‘normal’ folk have such an intrinsic need to make others with differences be outcasts, that despite education and easily available knowledge, they teach their vile and disgusting views about difference to their kin, their children, their neighbors.  They stick together in this ‘stigma’ knowledge, knowing this is the only way they can be safe from us horrible creatures with ‘differences’.  We might touch them.  Go to their Church.  Go to their store or doctor or florist.  We might make being ‘different’ seem ‘normal’.  That is the fear.  That is the stigma.  That is why our treatment, our doctors, or medications, and all those ‘others’ have been marginalized, pushed to the edges of society, been locked up, kept indoors, given no succor.  Because those who are ‘normal’, fear anything ‘other’ and loathe it without wanting to understand, to see, to change.  They choose to see ‘different’ as horrifying, monstrous, evil.  And they choose to withhold their compassion from those who need it most.  By choosing not to see what they all know is there.


Comments on: "Everybody Understands, but No One Wants to See It" (12)

  1. Yes to all. .. great to see a post by you by the way 🙂

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  2. manyofus1980 said:

    Reblogged this on Many of us and commented:
    Everybody needs to read this…

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  3. Totally agree and reblogged. I want to add that in some cultures, sick people are seen as inferior, and this sucks. Thanks for liking my blog

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  4. alfgarnet said:

    Yes, yes and yes , Very strong emotional words . Xx

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  5. alfgarnet said:

    thing is they go on about living in a caring society.what a load of bollocking that is…people think of them self’s th anything different is dangerous ..

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  6. Who’s definition of “normal” are these people using? Seems to me that it’s more about intolerance and ignorance than being “normal.”

    Anyway, normal is so very, very boring. I would never want to be normal OR boring. 🙂

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