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Trying to help those of us with bipolar, depression, etc with humor one person at a time


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Comments on: "MAY 29 2015 (pt 2) Gotta go home,,," (13)

  1. ~meredith said:

    too funny!

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  2. How are you doin’ today, Katrina?

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    • alright. been putting the a/c on every afternoon this week..and it’s not even summer yet! how bout you? hope today is one of the better days.

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      • Started using the a/c myself this week, and I don’t know what it is about manufactured cool air, but I much prefer being able to leave my windows open.

        My Verizon Wireless is driving me crazy today — I keep losing my internet connection. I need to find the energy to go buy a router so I can get CenturyLink. What kind of router do you have?

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        • 0unfortunately you have to either purchase theirs (*)$) ish or rent theirs $7/mo. sorry i didn’t think of that before. i already had one from previous service with them several years ago. it is possible to find one that would work, but i would say to call or chat with century link to make sure you get the right model and version. and they don’t guarantee service if it’s not their modem. oh, btw, their modem is a combo wifi router, so you only need just the one device. i have 3 pc, and all are wireless in my home.

          gonna try a get up off the couch now and do dishes. maybe mop. maybe vacuum. nah, who am i kidding, im gonna do dishes and poop out.

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  3. And I thought I was being offensive and risque with the button on my coat that says “don’t drink and drive, you might spill your drink.” THIS is way better.

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  4. Like I would spend money on a shovel 😀

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  5. Lol that totally got me

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