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Me, Myself and Time

This so goes with a post im drafting…thanks!

Dearest Someone,

Me, Myself and Time

This is 100% a Demi Lovato/Disney Channel reference, but upon doing a little YouTube search this evening (I’m in need of some really ace vocals/music to keep me plodding on), I rediscovered this song. I’m a huge fan of Demi, and when this song was released a few years back (part of Sonny With a Chance) the song had a huge impact on me.

I haven’t listened to the song for about two years now, and listening to it right in this very moment makes me realise how relevant the song is to my life.

‘I’ll find myself in time.’ 

A few years back I was deciding on going to uni, studying my A Levels and just generally figuring things out. Demi is a year older than me (I’m 21), and she decided to go into treatment around a similar time to this song’s release. What I’m getting at here…

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  1. Waiting for that post… Or are you just teasing us? 🙂

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  2. no, not teasing, i’m really working on it. but i work pretty slow. but it will come. eventually.

    also, i’m busy getting an appt sorted for mmj. az just approved the first non-terminal or terminal chronic pain diagnosis of–ptsd. i think i am good for that dx. i mean, i just had 2 panic attacks at the dentist last week! plus my steady state of anxiety. it looks like once you get your medical records to the pot doc, and go in and get evaluated, it only takes about 7-10 days to get your card, assuming your doc agrees you need it. found 2 places that will evaluate and fill out all paperwork for you to get your card, and if you get denied by the state, they won’t charge you anything. you only pay if you get your card. i’d rate my chances of success at 75% or better. got my fingers crossed too, just in case!

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  3. I’d rate your chances at 110%! And how cool is that, not having to pay if you don’t get approved. Excellent!

    And now that you’ve mentioned going to the dentist, all my teeth are starting to throb in empathy. 🙂

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    • i have never had a bad dentist, til last week. it was a removal of my last wisdom tooth. he was brutal. i had 2 anxiety attacks, one when he did the injections, and the other during the extraction. the extraction took an hour, and when i got home, the front of that side of my face was swollen and bruised, along with the jaw hinge area. i looked at my former tooth hole, and discovered slivers of bone standing straight up out of the gum! he didn’t even get the whole tooth out! and during the extraction, i raised my hands, hit him on the back, cried, made noises, bc i was having a panic attack, but he never acknowledged i was needing a break, or to tell him i wasn’t doing ok. he just plowed thru for an hour and then still didn’t get it right. i tried a new dentist, to look at the slivers and tell me if it was an issue i should worry about, but he was rude from the getgo (and accused me of same) so i tried being more laid back, but then i had tears leaking out as i tried to explain i just wanted him to tell me if there were any problems with how it is. he told me he didn’t like my attitude, i shouldn’t badmouth other dentists, and he had decided not to accept me as a client! i got up and walked right out. so, this has been most harrowing. i have decided to leave my slivers alone, and wait if anything happens. if it does, then i will go to yet another dentist for that reason. sorry i made your teeth throb! they can stop now! it’s better 🙂

      then i had a horrible time with a guy i go with every so often–we went to denver for 4 days. but it was awful, except for the legal pot there. between my guy being an ass and 2 dentists treating me like crap (literally and mentally) i decided it was time to get the mmj here.or im just going to explode from all the anxiety and triggers.

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      • Holy shit! You had an anxiety attack because you were being tortured! And it’s never okay to leave parts of the tooth behind — that happened to me too. But along with leaving parts of the tooth behind, the crappy dentist put a bridge over the whole thing. Of course it got infected. After paying for all this, a year later I had to pay to have it all removed.

        If I were you, I would report both dentists to your State Medical Board. I’m sure you’re not the only patient they’ve tortured and were rude to. And I can assure you that part of the reason you suffered like this was because you’re a woman. Do you think they’d treat a male patient that way? Fuck no.

        In fact, I would make a post about your experiences, including their names. That way, when someone does a search, they can find your information.

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  4. whoa whoa whoa….don’t get all ready for me to make a 2nd post when i’m still working on the other one 😉

    but, really, ya, you are totally right. i should file a complaint with the dentists’ state board, national board (if there is such a thing). and to my insurance. and definitely i will post on them. what a GREAT idea! thanks! i’ve called a few other dentists, but they say no right on the phone. no dentist wants to fix a job that insurance already paid out on, plus i could claim they were the one who made it bad.

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    • You need to talk to your insurance company, explain what happened, and ask them what you’re supposed to do about it. If I were the insurance company, I wouldn’t pay a claim that ended with this result. Tell your insurance company that you’re filing a grievance with the state medical board and any other agency you can find, so they take you seriously.

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  5. You probably didn’t take pictures, but if you still have bruising or swelling, take some now. Also, write down everything that happened so you won’t forget any of the details.

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  6. damn i should’ve took pics. thanks for all the great and helpful ideas!

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