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I have a confession: since the election, instead of meditating first thing in the morning, I’ve been obsessing over the news.

It’s a terrible habit. I can see the negative effect it has on my bodymind. I need to Just. Say. No.

Problem is, this is not mere news voyeurism. This is eye-opening, consciousness-raising, holy-fuck-what-could-they-possibly-be-thinking revelations about the minds of My Fellow Americans.

Here, from one of my favorite medicine/science/tech news outlets, is a revealing piece on what a few handsful of voters have to say about the new “repeal and replace” iteration that has just passed the House.

For all y’all who hail from ports afar, this is about the current Administration’s effort to purge the government, and by extension the health insurance system, of “big government.” What is Big Government, you ask? From my observations, it seems to mean “any regulations that protect consumers and/or the environment.”


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The Invisible Scar

[photo credit: flickr user George Chelebiev] Whenever you see your mother, she belittles you, emotionally abuses you, treats you like a peasant, and demands to be fawned over like a queen. After you spend time with her, whether in person or on the phone or even reading an email from her, you feel very, very tiny and insignificant.

You hurt inside, where no one can see. You are invisibly cut and scarred again and again.

You can hardly remember more than a handful of times (if that) when you enjoyed your mother’s company. You can’t even really recall feeling nurtured or loved unconditionally.

Yet you have spent your entire life trying to find the mythical and magical key that will open her heart to you and unleash the maternal love you’ve always longed for.

Deep in your heart, you suspect that there is no key. It’s not your fault; it’s…

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Top 10 Superstitions Around The WorldWhether you’re keen on black cat avoidance, living in a home with no mirrors or simply holding onto a container of salt for dear life whenever possible, superstitions are common among people worldwide. Some superstitions are stranger than others, though. In this post, we take a look at 10 superstitions…

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Top Ten Gadgets for Dogs

Top 10 Gadgets to Keep Your Dogs Fit, Safe and HappyYour dogs aren’t just pets, they’re family. You always want what’s best for them, and that includes the latest gadgets. To help you keep your dog fit, safe, clean and happy, check out the following ten gadgets… Top 10 Gadgets to Keep Your Dogs Fit,…

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Therapy Bits

Watch this very powerful video. I really related to it. I know those of you who are struggling with these kinda thoughts will too.

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Top 10 Craziest Boxes of Cereal You Will Ever See or TasteI love my morning bowl of cereal and like nothing more than filling my bowl to the top and pouring on the milk. From Honey Monster Puffs to Rice Krispies, Weetabix to Corn Flakes, I have tried most of them, but not even I…

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Top Ten Cats Pranking

Bipolar as an adjective

Bipolar Whispers

A Bipolar journey is one of extremes, one of differences, emotions, opposites.  To me, in my eyes it is a spectrum.  The spectrum of someone with Bipolar Disorder can be so vast that many times I feel like no two of us are alike.

Yet I know we are alike.  We have similarities. We follow similar patterns.  We do similar things.  But at the same time we are different.  We do things at different levels, different planes.

Bipolar Disorder consists of so much, it is complex in design.  It is not just the adjective that today’s society has made it out to be.  It is not the the descriptive word often used in every day speech to describe someone who has a mood swing caused my something small or a remark that made someone angry.  It is not just “oh he/she is so bipolar”.  It is not just a snappy…

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