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Nope, I was too optimistic

This post may be *Triggering*

This post may be *Triggering*

Hello again, from your friendly neighborhood bad luck magnet.  In a recent post I said I thought I had finally quit falling, and that soon I would be able to start climbing up out of that deep hole we spiraled into due to DCSE (Child Support office) failing to send any of the payments my ex has made for the last 2 months to me.  Well, as usual, I was way too optimistic in thinking that the downward free-for-all had halted.  They are still refusing to send any of the payments he has made on to me.  They said they will get to it when they get to it.  They fulfill requests as they receive them, and paying me once in 2 months, well, that is just at the bottom of the list.

I’m right on that edge, wobbling as I look down.  It won’t take much to tip me just enough.  Just a little, gentle nudge would do it.  I talked to my case manager at my mental health clinic, to see if she could do a conference call with me to DCSE (so she can talk for me when I get so frustrated I start to scream, so hopeless I can only manage to cry).  So, we are going to do that on Monday, and, G (my case manager) even suggested that if that call doesn’t get me a solid answer to when I will get paid my over due support, that we should immediately after the call go to the main DCSE office in downtown Phoenix and talk to someone in charge face-to-face until we get a solid answer of ‘if not now, then when’ and to get it in writing.  G even said to me she feels that this situation is a true emergency, not just for me, but for the kids.  No one can live without funds for 2 months, and then be told to keep doing it indefinitely. I even managed to convince R (the ex) that if he was also to go to the office with us, they might be more likely to actually address and resolve the situation than if it was me alone.

They are Child Support Enforcement!!  Their main mission is to “ENFORCE THE NON CUSTODIAL PARENT TO PAY SUPPORT, AND TO DISTRIBUTE THIS PAYMENT TO THE CUSTODIAL PARENT in order to ensure the children can live adequately.”  Well, NEWSFLASH!!!!  The children will very soon not be living adequately!!!  If I don’t get child support in, like, oh, a week,  then we will just only be able to pay rent.  NO food,  NO phone, internet, tv.  No car insurance ie no transportation.  But we’ll be fine, right?  After all, what else could POSSIBLY  go wrong?  OH, wait.  I forgot we were talking about me.

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